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David Cordero Iglesias 

Cinematic Animation Coordinator


Hello there! I’ve always been passionate about visual effects, movies and animation. Mostly about how to use the narrative power and personality of a character to portray emotions with an acting sequence or how to emulate movement and weight to feel adrenaline through an action sequence and body mechanics. Cinematography, supported by technique, is always important for showing properly your animation skills and ideas, differentiating a good animator from a great one. That’s why I can’t stop feeding the brain with movies, shows, games, and, on top of that, checking the latest trends on tools for helping create our work.

I began studying animation at 17 years old, starting on my own and my practice was later supported by a small school in Barcelona. At 19 I started working with a great artist that opened a studio close to my school and I’ve been in the animation industry ever since (14 years already!). This period working mostly on photorealistic visual effects for movies and commercials being „Cyberpunk 2077”, 3 years ago, my first exciting step into the video game industry. Now as a game developer, I am always trying to apply my past knowledge and experience through classic cinematography and visual effects for conveying these intense narrative feelings in a different media like video games are.

I will help you gain knowledge and develop skills in the field of:

  • Animation
  • Technical animation tips and learning better animation software
  • Body mechanics and basic Motion Capture knowledge
  • Cinematography techniques through animation